Help with moving - switch to Talex?

Help with moving - switch to Talex?


What Talex package do you have?
First you need a Talex (webshop) package. We have four different packages: Mini, Plus, Premium and Max. Click to read more.

"Let our extensive experience of e-commerce be your security.

Moving/changing to Talex e-commerce platform is simple.
Many move to us because our e-store solution is a comprehensive online store solution.

What is included in relocation assistance? 
1. We give 3 months free
(so you can keep your old and new webshop from us to move / prepare everything in peace and quiet without double costs - only Plus, Premium or Max package. 3 months is added to the quarter or year)
2. Help to transfer your products and images from your previous shop.
3. Keep current link value (inbound links) if you move to Talex webshop.

If you have a design that you want to keep, it is also no problem.
See 'also recommended' at the bottom of this page.
Do you have complex issues to sort out first, or do you need help with your requirements spec? Order a feasibility study.
With more than 25 years in the business, we have a lot of experience and knowledge of e-commerce.
If you have Visma, Fortnox or Specter you can move products yourself via our integration.


What we need from you

"Moving help" costs nothing on Plus, Premium or maxpaket.
(delivery 6-12 working days after we have received all the files).
One-off fee for other packages.

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*   Possibility of installments over 12 months.

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