Advanced internal search engine
Advanced internal search engine Advanced internal search engine  

Advanced internal search engine

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Talex Advanced internal search engine including statistic and opportunity reports

Advanced internal search engine - the ultimate tool for fast and user-friendly searching on your webshop. With a range of features, our advanced search function is outstanding for improving the user experience and increasing the efficiency of the webshop.

As the user begins typing their search query, relevant product and category suggestions appear. This saves time for the user and provides quick access to the most relevant results.

Our search function also includes detailed search statistics, showing which keywords are being used on the page, the number of results generated for a particular search query, and whether the user clicks on the results or not. This information can help you identify search terms that are not producing results and indicate opportunities for further sales.

With the built-in spell check, the user can still get hits even if the search query is slightly misspelled. Additionally, the letters that the user inputs into the search results are highlighted, making it easier for the user to quickly identify relevant information.

Finally, our search function offers a range of settings that you can adjust via the admin panel. For example, you can adjust the sensitivity of the spell check, the number of hits to display before "Show all results" is displayed, turn on or off highlighting, and more. These settings allow you to customize the search function for your specific webshop to provide the best possible user experience.

Try typing "product" in the search field on this store to see how the search function works.

10,000 requests* a month is enough for most small shops. More than 100,000 / month quote.
* a request is not just one search but the number of results returned from the search-engine and databases. One search can result in many results (for example if you have many products with similar names).

Price per month (no minimum contract length - tell us and stop when you want)
(included in our max package with up to 100.000 lookups).

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