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Multi store / channel (Multi-Shop System) - Several shops, but one control panel.

Multi store / channel (Multi-Shop System) - Several shops, but one control panel.

You can have multiple stores with different domain names *, appearance and content - even different prices, languages and payment / shipping methods, etc. per store, linked to one business system, stock (if you want) and one control panel.
A good solution for those who want several e-commerce sites.

Multi store is for those who wish to have several stores sending from the same company and country.

 * You can have completely different domain name such as and, or different subdomains, or directory .
One can of course have other TLDs for different countries.

 Store 1 - New 'Multi-shop' Premium Store or Max (needed in the bottom, paying annually)
 Store 2-4: 25% discount*
(1-3 extra stores included with Max package at no additional annual cost!)
 Store 5-9: 50% discount*
 Store 10 and up: 60% discount*

* Any package for subshop. Premiumpackage and subshops are invoiced annually.

 For upgrading of an existing store to 'subshop' we charge a one time fee of 1995 SEK depending on the functions you currently have.

 Hosting for all domains included and Pop3/Imap e-mail for one domain.
 Forwarding of email for other domains is included free of charge.
 Standalone Pop3/Imap/Exchange for additional domains can be purchased.

 Start cost

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