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e-mail - Imap/Pop3 - 50 GB,

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What is IMAP and POP3?
 IMAP and POP3 is the Internet standard protocols for e-mail that allows your email client to access email accounts on your web space.

 IMAP allows multiple clients to access the same mailbox and retain e-mail messages and assign them in different maps on the server to later access them via webmail or various email clients.

 POP3 downloads the messages and deletes them from the server. The e-mails are no longer accessible via webmail or another email client.

 With this additional service, you can add IMAP and even extra space and choose how each e-mail client can access.
 50 GB of space and 100 GB traffic / month. Max 10 accounts that share the space plus 10 'alias' *
 Paid annually.

 * The advantage of aliases is that if one sends to support@ or info@ or @name etc, the emails end up in the same mailbox (but you can see that they have written to 'info', etc. in the "to" box).