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 Own Invoice with automatic credit check via Credit Safe

Own Invoice with automatic credit check via Credit Safe

2.400,00 /year
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Own Invoice with automatic credit check

Credit check (via CreditSafe) is done automatically when ordering.
This allows you to see if the customer is creditworthy or not directly in the administration.

If the client is not approved the reason is saved in admin.
If the credit control is ok,  they come to "your order is completed," as usual.
If the customer however is not approved, there are two options for what to do with the customer:
The customer is channeled back to the payment options (with a configurable message why this happened).
Let your order to go through even if the customer is not approved and then contact the customer and offer other payment options.

Creditsafes fees are extra. Account with CreditSafe needed.
More information about CreditSafes various services are available on

Yearly-fee for the connection.
Delivery approx 5-8 working days after you give us your Creditsafe username, password and credit template ID for companies and prvate persons.