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 Avancerad intern sökmotor

Avancerad intern sökmotor

Uppslag / månad:

Avancerad intern sökmotor som t.ex med ordet 'hår' inkl filtrering om man vill efter många egenskapar så som pris, färg, kategori mm.

Advanced search technology

Sensitive to spelling and Phonetic Errors

Our search technology is based on a semantic processing architecture, will ensure that your customers find the products they want, minimizing spelling and typographical errors in the search process.

Phonetic Search Technology

Our phonetic search technology allows for the correction of spelling mistakes in words that are phonetically correct.

Suppose you write fillips when you should have written Philips. Being phonetically correct the the search engine will give results for Philips.

Knowledge Base

Currently Talex/Doofinder deals with over 50 million searches. This allows us to create a broad knowledge base, ensuring an optimized service right from the start.

Dynamic Results

The search algorithm learns automatically from user behavior, identifying the most likely products to be sold and displaying them at the top of the results list.

Multilingual and Multiplatform

Do you have business overseas? No problem. Talex/Doofinder is available in more than 30 different languages and is optimized for each one. It also works on any e-commerce platform, both for customized developments like here at Talex as for Open Source platforms (or free-to-use), like Prestashop, Magento, Opencart and WooCommerce that Talex offer at and so on.

Statistics and Usage

The analytics tool of Talex/Doofinder lets you know amongst other things, what products your customers are looking for how the searches are carried out and with the Opportunities module you can know which items are unsuccessfully searched for as they are not in the catalogue.

Hur många uppslag/sök behöver jag?
ca 10.000 räcker för de flesta små butiker.
Mer än 100.000 / mån - offert.

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